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Decemeber 2002: David Ticoll

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David Ticoll: The Naked Corporation

DATE:  Thursday, November 13, 2003
LOCATION:  University of Chicago Gleacher Center
ADMISSION:  FREE: Must RSVP: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

11/13/03 BIGfrontier and Hill and Knowlton present... David Ticoll, Co-author of The Naked Corporation in an exclusive breakfast presentation:
How the Age of Transparency will Revolutionize Business

"If your corporation is naked, it had better be buff." David Ticoll

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For additional information on this event: Call Steve Lundin/BIGfrontier (773) 881-4670

“The Naked Corporation argues, beautifully and persuasively, that there is no contradiction between good business and the values of honesty and openness. This book belongs in the briefcase of every right-thinking manager in the country.”

-Malcolm Gladwell, author of The Tipping Point

Enron, Andersen, Tyco, Global Crossing, WorldCom, Xerox, Merck, Vivendi, Tenet - the list of companies whose questionable integrity has devastated them seems endless. This has led to the biggest crisis in corporate trust and governance in memory and is a key factor hurting capital markets and the US economic recovery.

Some argue that such transgressions are evidence that corporate behavior is deteriorating. David Ticoll presents a different view. In a transparent world, firms increasingly need to have good values and responsible behavior to build relationships and compete. A sea change in corporate values is underway; the transgressors represent a dying breed of firms that are failing to respond to the transformation now underway.

The networked economy has unleashed a powerful new set of forces, each of which can make a wild card impact on the corporate bottom line. Globalization, transparency, instant communications, organized civil society - and now a crisis in trust - have changed the rules of the game. Firms are being held to complex and changing sets of standards - from unrelenting webs of "stakeholders" who pass judgment on corporate behavior - to regulations, new and old, that govern and often complicate everyday activities. In an ultra-transparent world of instant communications, every step and misstep is subject to scrutiny. And every company with a brand or reputation to protect is vulnerable.

University of Chicago Gleacher Center: 450 N. Cityfront Plaza Drive, Chicago

7:30-8:15 AM: Networking

8:15-9:30 AM: Presentation

David Ticoll Bio

David Ticoll is a business strategy consultant, executive, author and speaker. He is currently completing, with co-author Don Tapscott, The Naked Corporation: How the Age of Openness will Revolutionize Business (Free Press, September 2003). The book describes how transparency, accountability, and stakeholder relationships are the new frontier of compeititve innovation. He also writes a column on business leadership at the Globe and Mail. David is a speaker for corporate and public events through the Leigh Bureau.

Until early 2002 David was an executive at Digital 4Sight, a company that he founded in 1994. He was CEO of the firm from 1994 to 2001, when he became Vice Chairman. Digital 4Sight is a consulting and research firm with a focus on innovative business strategies for the digital economy. David identified “business webs” as the new organizational platform for wealth creation in the 21 century. He described these concepts with co-authors Don Tapscott and Alex Lowy in the best-sellers Digital Capital: Harnessing the Power of Business Webs (Harvard Business School Press, 2000) and Blueprint to the Digital Economy (McGraw-Hill, 1998). He was contributing editor and a monthly columnist at and has published in the Harvard Business Review, Business 2.0, USA Today, and many other periodicals.

David led Digital 4Sight multi-client research on the impact of emerging technologies on business strategy, organizational effectiveness, digital supply chains, and the future of government. These programs included market analysis, in-depth case studies, market surveys, methodology development, and custom strategic planning.


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