November 10, 2005 Bob Lamons


November 10, 2005 Bob Lamons, Author: The Case for B2B Branding
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When will b-to-b companies ever discover the power of branding?

35-year veteran of business-to-business advertising and marketing, long-time columnist for the American Marketing Association’s Marketing News magazine, Business Marketing Hall of Famer and author of the new book The Case for B2B Branding, Bob Lamons has seen the long awaited rise of business branding. His journalistic approach to his New Paradigm presentation gets at the heart of what makes these new b-to-b brands soar—and what doesn’t—through case studies of remarkable business branding success stories and the secrets they have in common. Bob discussed:

1) The importance of brand teams and having the right people in the right roles
2) How creative can be used to help focus a brand image
3) Knowing when your current brand image may be holding your company back
4) The overriding value of consistency
5) Tracking success and brand value to your organization.

An interview with Bob Lamons can be found in the newsletter archives.