November 19, 2008:  BIGfrontier survey finds PR shortens funding cycle by 30%
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August 29, 2008:  BIGfrontier develops Obama Baracktail!
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March 17, 2008: BIGfrontier BIG Talk interview with John Gartner author of the Hypomanic Edge
February 19, 2008:  Steve Lundin serves as media advisor for Citizen Kate during Super Tuesday
July 16, 2007:   Chicago Sun-Times: Sliding into the Information Abyss
June 2006: BIGfrontier's Steve Lundin in B2B Magazine article on word of mouth marketing
October 27, 2005:   BIGfrontier Named One of Top U.S. Networking Organizations in Churchill Trust International Study
August 30, 2005: Hotel Binge on Surcharges
November 11, 2004: ePrairie interviews BIGfrontier speaker Bob Herbold
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March 1, 2001: Television transcript: BIGfrontier on the Nightly Business Report
December 2001: BIGfrontier After Dark
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October 1999: PR Tactics runs Steve Lundin's comments on the media's coverage of Woodstock '99

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