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Book Launch: Steve Lundin's new
Satirical Techno Noir Business Thriller


The Manipulator is a satirical techno noir business thriller about marketing, madness and the fast paced edge of our communications-rich society. Award winning marketer, humorist, speaker and uber-snark journalist Steve Lundin has wrapped his insider knowledge of advertising agencies, television networks and media campaigns around an outrageous story that could be a textbook for the undocumented realities of life in the field of mass communications and what's to come.

Lundin has translated his 25 years of experience working with hundreds of clients into the ultimate business novel. His own award winning over-the-top campaigns provided an authentic voice for book for a story that could only be written by someone who has worn the suit.

The story:

It’s 2018 and master media manipulator Jack Vance, CEO of Blowfish Communications, has just received a virtually unlimited marketing budget to launch the world’s first 24/7 all mobile un-television network. Vance’s solution to grabbing the nation’s attention against an impossible six week window rests on the development of Some Will Die, an intense reality show that guarantees the televised deaths of its morbidly obese contestants.

The scheme seems like a slam dunk unless Vance’s numerous vices and enemies curtail his bullet train into the annals of marketing history. Jump on board for a thrill ride through the furious over-the-top world of nouveau funded businessmen, trailer park con artists, bust out television stars, desperate news people, “made” men and slippery foreign government agents. And those are just the likable characters.

“Think Mad Men and The Hunger Games in the real world. Lundin combines all of the twists and turns of the business world via The Manipulator. A marketing thriller so close to the real world, it’s as scary as the guy who wrote it!”

-Jeffrey Hayzlett, NY Times bestselling author of The Mirror Test, and the host of Bloomberg TV’s C-Suite

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Steve Lundin discusses The Manipulator



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BIGfrontier:  A history of innovative leading edge events

BIGfrontier started life in 2000 as a rollicking technology party.  Our first event at Drink nightclub drew 1000 attendees and was sponsored by the likes of IBM and Inforte. Our event archives provide a walk through the wild west days of Chicago’s burgeoning technology scene, 2000-2003. Over the y ears we have hosted panels with some of the MIdwest's most important technology leaders, business reporters and pundits.

Speakers/guests have included Gian Fulgoni, Chairman, ComScore networks, Robert Herbold, former COO of Microsoft, Economist Lester Thurow and Joel Kurtzman, former New York Times Op Ed page editor. Our events have won multiple national accolades including the Tower and League of Professional Communicators award.  BIGFrontier has been cited as the best networking event in Chicago by Chicago Magazine and as one of the premier event organizations in the United States in a Churchill Trust Study.

BIGfrontier now offers event production services featuring everything from speaker sourcing to multi-day seminars with a turnkey suite of marketing and social network promotional tools.  Utilize our award winning services for your organization or company's next event.  15 years experience - from planning to execution.

Contact Steve Lundin at 312-602-2434 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for details

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