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September 25, 2001: The Big Bang Bash

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September 25, 2001: The BIG Bang Bash


BIGfrontier ULTIMATE Business Toolkit 3:45-5:00 PM

Biotechnology: An Inside Look at our Future

Get the scoop on one of the McKinsey study identified areas of growth for Chicago's high tech future...

Moderator: Michael Hogg, Chicago Biotech Network


Jim Peters, Chicago Technology Park

Shaye Mandle, Illinois Coalition

Jim Charney, Illinois Innovation Initiative

Jerry Sullivan, Arthur Andersen

Michael Rosen, Endorex

General networking 5:00-10:00PM

Keynote speech 6:00PM

Michael Ferro, CEO Click Commerce, Inc.

Panel of Power IV 6:15-7:00 PM

The McKinsey Chicago Growth Study:Red Herring or Holy Grail?

Moderator: Steve Lundin


Mike Fieweger, Baker and McKenzie

George Nichols, Morningstar Financial

Eric Benderoff, Chicago Tribune

Mark Glennon, Leo Capital Holdings

Darcy Evon, i-street


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