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April 22, 2003: Richard Laermer

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Richard Laermer: Author of “Full Frontal PR” (2003) and the wildly popular “trendSpotting” (2002)

April 22, 2003 BIGfrontier/Mobium New Paradigms Breakfast Forum:

The Free Ride is Over: Seven Trends That Signal the End
of Convention for Business Marketers, with Richard Laermer, author of “Full Frontal PR” (2003) and the wildly popular “trendSpotting” (2002). 

 Where:  Mobium Creative Group:  2000 Merchandise Mart, Chicago

When:  April 222, 2003, 7:30 AM – 9:30 AM

Must RSVP: - events page or with company and title to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

 Like all our events SPACE IS LIMITED!  You must RSVP for admission So what happened to all those marketing whizzes in the last bunch of years anyway? What have those who didn't jump off the cliff...learned from the experience!  Join author and media guru Richard Laermer as he brings out the truth about the so-called free ride all marketers had in the 90's - and what the years since the bubble have done to create a semblance of reality (as opposed to navel gazing) for the business marketing
community. Laermer will explore seven trends that we must recognize and understand to succeed in the future. A place, the founder of RLM PR contemplates, where advertising, marketing and PR play nicely and fruitfully together, with egos checked at the door. Does this sound like science fiction?  AFTER Laermer’s presentation you’ll find that the future is a lot closer than we’ve all thought. Want to read about the book:  Check out this exclusive excerpt on the 27 commandments for PR people in the current issue of Media Bistro:

For more information on Richard Laermer:

 Just who the hell is Richard Laermer anyway?  Richard Laermer, the founder of RLM Public Relations, has written for the New York Times, the New York Daily News, USA Today, Us Weekly, and other publications. He appears on public radio and is the author of several books, including trendSpotting (Perigee, 2002) and Native’s Guide to New York (W. W. Norton, 2002). Laermer writes the regular feature column for the back page of PR Week, as well as coauthoring the monthly “Full Frontal PR Report” for MediaMap. What the media is saying about this riveting new book: "The best-written, most interesting, most up-to-date manual on the PR field with lots of useful information for both the amateur and the pro."
Al Ries Chairman, Ries & Ries  Coauthor, The Fall of Advertising and the Rise of PR  

"For a public relations professional, Laermer might have succeeded too well with this book: it could threaten to put firms like his own, RLM PR, out of business."
Publishers Weekly

"A great PR overview, ideal for newcomers to the industry or for veterans who want to enjoy some interesting case studies...The book would make an effective training manual to provide to your junior team members, or a powerful tool for reaching execs who might not understand or value PR as they should."
PR News 1/6/03

"Armed with Laermer's public relations know-how, you can start promoting like a pro."
BookPage February 2003

"Getting serious national coverage doesn’t come from who you know; it comes from what you know. Full Frontal PR demystifies the task at hand by stripping the PR process of 'spin' and 'sound bites' and teaches what really matters >—creating the hook worthy of the camera and working with media to get it on air."
Jonathan Norman
Producer, Charlie Rose  

Full Frontal PR is an essential read for anyone seeking buzz.  With this step-by-step guide to generating word of mouth, even those without big name agencies or bottomless PR budgets will find the media world can be their oyster."
- David Neeleman
CEO, JetBlue Airways

A wizard’s navigational tool kit for succeeding with media mavens, mavericks, and manipulators—elegantly." Peter Guber
Chairman, Mandalay Entertainment

"Full Frontal PR is informative, elegantly aggressive, and right on target. If you want to generate visibility for your business, product, or project, this is the book you really need."
Jodee Blanco
Author, The Complete Guide to Book Publicity

"Laermer shows you how to work with media so that they’ll work for you."
- Merrill Lynch Business Life

"It's clear that Richard Laermer knows at least a thing or two about the business of public relations."
- Lewis Lazare, Chicago Sun-Times
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