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July 2009: Desperately Seeking Investors

June 2009: What are they now?

May 2009: Time Takes Wing, by Steve Lundin

April 2009: Crossing the Chasm in Dinghy: M2M and Venture Capital, by Steve Lundin

July 15, 2008: Video Marketing Trends

April 2008: International Watch, Hell Bent for Leather by Steven Lundin

November 2007: International Watch, Wet Tour by Steve Lundin

July 16, 2007: Sliding into the information abyss

December 12, 2006: There's no present like the time

October 23, 2006: Deja vu 1999 at Tech Cocktail soiree in Lincoln Park

October 4, 2006: Ad Notes

July 2006: Steve Lundin writes about Mickey Spillane and B Movies for the Chicago Sun-Times

December 11, 2005: Oh, you better watch out...: The clock is ticking, so check out the latest wrist-gadgets

March 16, 2005: Chicago Sun-Times: Local contingent brings its wares to wireless fest, by Steve Lundin

March 16, 2005: Change coming faster than rules can be written

February 2005: The Rothschild-Peterson Patent Model Museum, By Steve Lundin

December 20, 2004: Just in time: gadget-heavy, high-tech tickers

December 2, 2004: Company shakes up sauerkraut

March 4, 2004: Watchmakers Arm Products

March 4, 2004: Alarm on one meant to be heard over rocket engines

December 9, 2003: The movers and shakers who brought Chicago into the Internet Age

August 12, 2002: How to improve state's high-tech biz climate

July 2002: I-Street New Millenium Marketing by Steve Lundin

August 2002: I-Street marketing Gone Mad by Steve Lundin

October 2002: I-Street Inside Secrets on Selecting a Marketing Agency by Steve Lundin

November 2002: I-Street The Trouble with B2C Technology Advertising (see page 16) by Steve Lundin

May 13, 2002: Tech needs networking, new firms, VC investment

March 18, 2002: BIGfrontier has big idea for Midwest tech corridor

February 26, 2002: The long and short of messaging

December 20, 2001: Area tech figures honored

December 29, 2000: I-street's list of 100 most influential people

April 7, 2000: Tuesday gets busy for local Web folks

December 1999: Time in Space, by Steven Lundin

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